[ Activities ]

Selection, Due Diligence and Marketing

[ Fund selection ]


Thanks to our on field research and our established global network, we provide access to the best Asset Mangers worldwide. We scout the best talents and generate new investment ideas.

Due Diligence

We structure a global and complete process ranging from the pre-screening, the DD (quantitative, qualitative and operational) and the continuous monitoring.

Fund Data Management

We developed a proprietary Database that through our website allows our clients to select funds according to various criteria (asset class, best in class, strategies) and to build a custom research to support portfolio construction.

[ Fund distribution ]

Administration Support

Our team supports clients with back-office activities: review and matching of trades (subscriptions, redemptions, switches) and reconciliation with fund houses. Thanks to our in house software (CMS) we can provide clients detailed reports with brake-down (by sales, by fundhouse,etc.)

Information Management

Our Clients can access to all information about Funds and asset managers present in our web-platform.

Commission Management

We developed a in-house software (CMS) to provides a management system for managing commission and for commission recapture services.


Event Management

Our team provides services for the set-up of events for our client in Switzerland: planning, implementing, location searching, investor selection, follow up.

Distribution Strategy

Providing commercial business solutions to asset management companies.

Comunication Strategy

Planning, implementing, monitoring of all channels of communication: network, communication technology, managing flow of information.