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Expertise, indipendency and vision

[ Company Overview ]

Global Funds Distribution is an independent fund selector and distributor, based in Lugano. The Company has been founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in Asset and Fund Management: Matteo Pagani and Giovanni Pagani. The Company selects and distributes high-quality active investment funds, relying on an open architecture structure and exploiting its remarkable professional network.

[ Management ]

Giovanni Pagani
of Board
Fabrizio Severoni
Head of
Business Development

[ Business Areas ]

Global Funds Distribution offers a wide range of investment ideas of management companies specialised per type of asset. We seek to provide fund managers a solution to start or increase their local presence and sales in territories where they were not present to date through the relationships and know-how our team offers them. Global Funds Distribution Selects and present you with unique investment ideas which, without our prior selection, monitoring and due diligence process, would have taken you a long time to find.

[ Value Proposition ]

Our know-how, experience and cross selling ability provide a turnkey solution for those management companies without a local sales force. At the same time, institutional and qualified investors envision Global Funds Distribution as a source of investment ideas that complement and facilitate the investment decision-making process for institutions.

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