[ Activities ]

Wide selection of funds and administrative support

Administration Support

Our team supports clients and fund houses with back-office activities such as reviewing and matching of trades (subscriptions, redemptions, switches) and reconciling the investments. Thanks to our in-house software (Commission Management System - CMS) we can provide to the fund houses and clients detailed reports on their investment activities in each fund, share class, timing etc.

Due Diligence

Through our compliance team we ensure regular and thorough due diligence of our clients, financial institutions base in Switzerland.

Access to Fund Information

Through our website our clients can easily access all up to date information related to the investment funds available with GFD.


The trading operativity is unchanged. all subscription and redemption orders are transmitted directly by our clients to their custodian banks. Then. our clients send on a regular basis the transactions and bank statements to GFD that takes care of the administrative work with the funds.

Commission Management

We developed an in-house software (CMS: Commission Management System) that in addition to enabling the reconciliation of the investments, provides detailed reports on the commissions related to the investment in the different funds.